Authors Bio

Mel began working with horses and dogs at a very young age. She credits her early learning of animals and life experiences to God, as
well as to her beloved Great Grandfather who passed away at the age of 101 years old, leaving an enormous amount of knowledge and experiences embedded in the lives of many.

Mel currently owns and operates K-9 Kampus in Malvern, Arkansas and is the founder of the Stand a Chance Foundation.
Mel began her profession in the K9 industry in 1995 and since then has made accomplishments in her career through her furthered education, and exposure to various breeds, environments, operations and situations.

In 1997 Mel began going to schools to work with children in honor of her Grandfather, through the Ben Hale Forget Me Not Foundation, bringing with her Animal Assisted Education and Conservation Programs to schools in Arkansas. The first school she presented these programs to was Vilonia Elementary located in Arkansas. In 2002, Mel then went on to place Barbie, a Golden Retriever, in the first ALC classroom at Henderson Middle School in the Little Rock School District under Little Rock Mayor Jim Daily. Barbie attended school every day for a whole semester. The results were amazing.

Mel trained her first Assistance Dog in 1998 for a Disable Veteran in Nashville Tn. Elka, a German Shepherd, was trained to assist the blind Veteran on his walks through Nashville and was conditioned to take him home to his front door. This is also when Mel began her career in the field of K9 Personal and Family Protection training and provided her first dog overseas which went to an American Embassy in Indonesia, who was a German Shepherd named Joseph.

Mel began training tracking and area search dogs in 1999 and began her career being hired out by private individuals to teach their family dog to be able to search-track and keep up with their children, and loved ones who suffered dementia. Since then Mel has trained and worked with Search and Rescue/Recovery Handler Teams and various organizations and departments in Arkansas and across the United States and continues to travel and assist with Missing and Lost Person cases heading up search operations for Law Enforcement and Private Individuals.

K-9 Kampus merged with Quality K9 Concepts in February of 2008 as partner kennel in the south. Mel is one of QK9C’s Master Trainers that runs Handler Courses, and is considered and expert in the field for Search and Rescue/Recovery K9 and is in charge of Commercial/Residential Detection Services for QK9C. She has also served as a Judge for the American Patrol and Protection Dog Association.

Mel is one of the best K9 Instructors in the business today assisting pet owners, professional handlers, and K9 entities and other trainers as well. She has served as an Animal Cruelty Investigator for the state of Arkansas, and is an accomplished Animal Care Specialist and possesses a unique understanding of animal behavior that comes from several years of exposure to different situations and environments. She has an innate sense of handling and training the dogs that no one thinks can be fixed.

Mel has worked with rescue groups from all over, assisting them with problem solving issues, and by providing jobs for dogs that need them. Mel has literally placed dogs that have deployed for work all over the world, and continues to be contacted on a regular basis in regards to dogs that need a job and by entities and other trainers throughout who need a working dog. Mel simply knows dogs like no other, and the criteria to be met in order for that dog to be successful in the chosen field. Mel is known throughout the country for her abilities or what most call her gift and for her analytical mind, as well her ability to process through a crisis or problem solving situation which requires immediate attention.

EOTA (Emergency Operations Training Academy)
Crime Scene Issues, Hazards, Law Enforcement Interface
Explosive Threat Awareness
Principles of Navigation
Vehicle Bomb Search Methods
Training Practices and Instructor Development
University of Kentucky
Pediatric Terrorism Awareness
Bioterrorism Awareness
Agroterroism Awareness
U.S Department of Homeland Security
IS-00100 Incident Command System
IS-00700 NIMS
IS-00800 NRP
IS-00139 Exercise Design
IS-00242 Effective Communication
IS-00241 Decision Making and Problem Solving
IS-00240 Leadership and Influence
IS-00010 Awareness in Disaster, Awareness and Preparedness
IS- 00244 Developing and Managing Volunteers
IS-00235 Emergency Planning